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Movie Channels

Unlock a world of enjoyment with a wide range of high-definition movie channels catering to various genres, including action, drama, comedy, and more. Start your cinematic adventure now!

Music Channels

Enjoy a vast collection of Music TV channels, streaming the latest hits, classic tunes, and live performances from around the globe. Tune in and feel the beat!

Entertainment Channels

Access a variety of Entertainment TV channels featuring high-quality streaming of popular shows, reality TV, and exclusive content. Get entertained anytime, anywhere!

News Channels

Find and stream your preferred News TV Channels to stay updated with the latest headlines, in-depth analysis, and live coverage from around the world.

Sport Channels

Immerse yourself in the world of sports with live streaming of your favorite matches and events on our dedicated Sport Channels. Experience the thrill of the game!

Documentary Channels

Experience a diverse range of content by tuning into live documentary TV channels from around the world, covering nature, history, science, and more.

English TV Channels

Stay updated with the latest shows, news, and programs by accessing a wide array of HD quality English TV channels. Enjoy top-rated series and exclusive content.

Arabic TV Channels

Stream free internet TV channels from the Arab World, featuring a mix of entertainment, news, and cultural programs. Explore an extensive variety of Arabic TV channels on BabakTV.

Farsi TV Channels

Watch online Farsi TV channels and Iranian television, offering a variety of entertainment, news, and cultural programs. Connect with your favorite Persian shows easily.

Italian TV Channels

Access a wide range of Italian internet TV Channels for free online, featuring entertainment, news, and cultural programs and watch free live TV channels of Italy from anywhere in world.